Fast Food or Fast Scoots?

(Fast Food places seem to incur a high incident rate of e-scooter thefts)

Short Story:

Hunger Pangs

“Grr..Grr…”, “Grr..! Grr..!! Grr..!!!”, at that very instance, my eyes sprang open. The sun rays shone gently into my room, hitting the side of my face. I checked my watch, it was 3.30pm. I was awoken from my afternoon nap, by the hunger of my stomach. As I stood up groggily and stretched my body as I let out a yawn, I rubbed my poor and hungry stomach as I pondered on what I should eat. The television was playing outside as i walked out of my room and I sighed upon remembering that I had forgotten to turn off the television. At that moment, a Macdonalds’ advertisement was airing, where it featured it’s latest burger, I watched it with intrigue as saliva starting welling up in my mouth, that was the deciding factor for my lunch.

Trip to satisfy hunger

I took out my electric scooter from my storeroom and headed for the Macdonalds nearby my house. As I reached the restaurant, I decided to park my scooter outside the restaurant without bothering to lock it, as I thought I wouldn’t be gone for long as I was planning to get a take-out and besides I would be keeping a watch on it.

I happily made my way into the restaurant and joined the queue while occasionally glancing over to my scooter. Finally it was my turn, I turned away from my scooter and made my order, salivating at the thought of sinking my teeth into the burger.

A big question mark

As I made my way out, I was staring at an empty space which was occupied by my scooter a while ago. Confusion started to creep into me, as I frantically scoured the area in hopes that I might have placed it somewhere else.

After an hour of searching, it felt like my world was crashing down on me upon the realization that my moment of negligence resulted in my scooter being stolen. Now the next problem is, how am I going to answer to my parents…?


Incident 1:

A Speedway 3 scooter which sported a U7 5 colored angel eye, side deck Pink Ice Tape and a piglet stuff toy was stolen at Anchorvale Macdonalds. The suspect was a Male wearing a blue T-shirt


Incident 2:

Stolen scooter at AMK central KFC!


E-scooting Lesson of the Day:

Patrons of fast-food chains often leave their E-scooter outside of fast food restaurants while they go and buy their food. The risk about doing so, is that they are leaving their e-scooters out in the open. Hence the moment their line of sight shifts away from their scooter, before they know it, their scooter would have been stolen. Hence their e-scooters are vulnerable and could be easily wheeled away, especially if the area is crowded, it makes it even harder to constantly make sure your e-scooter would be visible to you.

Possible Prevention Methods:

So how can this be prevented? They can prevent this, if they were to lock their scooters up if they will be gone only for a short period of time, or to get someone to watch over their scooter. If possible, they could wheel in their scooter into the fast food restaurant, if it is permitted.

Our Solution:

Easy Zippy is coming up with an E-scooting parking solution very soon! To be the first to be informed and to use our solutions, please leave your contact in the box below.

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