A few ways to secure your beloved E-scooter

1. U-Lock

A U-lock though bulky, is a great deterrent against thieves, as it is able to resist hammers, chisels and the like. With a shape like a horse shoe, it is capable of restricting leveraging .

The goal of a U-lock is to minimize the amount of space in which a thief can utilize to insert their crowbar and leverage enough force to snap open the lock.

U-Locks are available in an array of sizes, where users should ensure that the size of the lock they purchase leaves as little gap available as possible upon locking.

U-Lock’s Kryptonite

Though the risk of breaking open a U-lock can be minimized by leaving as little space as possible, there is still always the risk where a crowbar or a piece of scaffolding can be inserted into the D-shaped space of the lock and yanked open, this issue is especially prevalent with cheaper and standard sized U-locks.

2. Cable Lock

Cable locks are versatile and adaptable, but however provide less deterrence in comparison to U-locks. Most cable locks are able to be cut through using a bolt cutter and hence are not suitable for areas high in crime. They would be a suitable choice to be used in combination with a U-lock, where they would be utilized to secure parts which are easily detachable.

Cable Lock’s Kryptonite

Can be cut through with a bolt cutter.


3. Chain Lock

Being able to withstand hacksaws or chisels and moreover being tough to leverage, the chain lock is durable enough for areas high in crime. However do ensure to invest in a sturdy padlock, as regardless of how tough the chain is, if the padlock isn’t sturdy enough, thieves are still able to easily cut through these locks.

Chain Lock’s Kryptonite

The risk about chain locks is that there is always a risk that thieves are able to maneuver the lock onto the ground. Once the lock is on the ground, the lock can be made brittle through the usage of cold compressed air and smashed against the ground with a hammer.

E-scooting Lesson of the Day:

There are a variety of ways and options to secure your E-scooter, some can be used in combination with others, such as the U-lock and the cable lock. Hence it is up to the user to carefully choose and invest in a sturdy lock which is capable of withstanding tools used by thieves.

Potential problem:

Though there are many sturdy locks available in the market, there is always a risk that these locks will somehow fall short and thus succumb to the tools and methods utilized by thieves. Hence our beloved E-scooter will then fall into the hands of these people.

Our Solution:

Easy Zippy is coming up with an E-scooting parking solution very soon! To be the first to be informed and to use our solutions, please leave your contact in the box below.

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