Are MRT stations a wise place for your E-scooters?

(MRT= My Rude Thief)

Short story:

Just another day in the life

Under the scorching Sun, where it’s piercing rays seem to pierce through my skin and cook me from the inside out, i slugged my way to work. Heaps of sweat trickled down my skin, soaking my newly washed clothes, turning my clothes and skin into a breeding ground for bacteria. Well that could be an exaggeration I hope, but could my day start of any worse than this?

Running Late

Looking at my watch, I realized that i was running late, with my heart pounding at the thought of being reprimanded by my boss, i frantically scrambled up the escalator and leaped in between the doors, before it slammed shut and before i could be stopped by the crowd marshals.

With a sigh of relief, I was refreshed by the air conditioner from within the MRT, and before i knew it, i was bombarded with crowds of people from the next station and found myself being squeezed against the door.

Repulsive smell

Sniff..sniff…, I smelt a very pungent smell, as the train continued it’s daily routine from station to station. I was extremely thrown off by the smell, and as time passed by, the smell grew stronger and stronger and so did my annoyance with the person who was responsible for the smell.

But there was one thing that puzzled me, it was that people around me were giving me looks of disgust and repulsion and it soon dawned on me, I was the perpetrator of the smell and I started to recall my fight with the sun in the morning and how by the time I reached the MRT station, it seemed as though I had just came out of the shower. Could my day get any worse than this…?


We all know it, we all felt it, living in our tropical island called Singapore, where the Sun doesn’t seem to get tired of showing itself brightly to us, we are often greeted and met with trickles of sweat as we get from place to place. Hence people would ride their PMDs to the nearest MRT stations or to their work place in order to minimize this occurrence. Upon reaching the MRT, they would only be left with the options of bringing their scooter on board the MRT or to lock it up at the bicycle area near the MRT, and from there board the MRT to work.


Incident 1:

On 13th May 2016, a scooter was stolen from it’s owner who parked it at Marsiling MRT bicycle parking area at around 6.25 a.m, where it was secured with a blue plastic coated chain and armed with an anti-theft alarm that will be activated when the scooter is moved.

When the owner came to pick up his/her scooter at around 10.30 p.m, the scooter had unfortunately disappeared along with it’s blue chain. Upon approaching the SMRT staff to enquire whether they had confiscated any scooter, the owner was met with shock as he/she was told that the SMRT staff had not confiscated any scooter. The owner was left distressed and puzzled on how much guts the thief had in stealing his/her scooter in a public area, moreover stealing it while being unaffected by the anti-theft alarm that would definitely sound.

Recount of Eye-witness:

On 14th May 2016, owner was notified by an eye-witness of the incident. The eye-witness recounted the incident, saying that the internal alarm of the scooter indeed sounded endlessly and the thief was unable to turn it off. Hence the thief, who seemed to be a man with a bulky build and a height of roughly 1.70m frantically wheeled the scooter from Marsiling MRT to HDB Marsiling Blk 13 which is close to the Woodlands West Neighbourhood Police Station. He was sweating profusely and garnered the looks from numerous pedestrians and by-standers.

The eye witness stated that the main wires had already been snipped off, but the alarm kept on sounding.  He then proceeded to retrieve some tools and managed to disarm the scooter’s alarm. He was last seen pushing the scooter towards the multi-storey carpark.


Incident 2:

After a long day’s work, instead of finally being able to relax and unwind, a woman’s day got gloomy after finding her E-scooter which she parked at Seng Kang MRT before leaving for work to be stolen. This left her devastated, where upon returning to pick up her scooter, she was only met with the seat of her scooter, where the rest of the scooter was nowhere to be found.


E-scooting Lesson of the Day:

Even in crowded and public areas, your E-scooter isn’t guaranteed that it would be spared from the scheming hands of thieves. Where deterrent methods that you have employed, such as an anti-theft alarm, might not even faze thieves.

Possible Prevention Methods:

Hence invest in a few good locks which are capable to withstand the tools used by thieves. Ensure that detachable parts are also secured with locks.

Our Solution:

Easy Zippy is coming up with an E-scooting parking solution very soon! To be the first to be informed and to use our solutions, please leave your contact in the box below.

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