Common safety errors made by E-scooter users

How our actions could harm the image of the E-scooter community

Year after year, the number of incidents related to E-scooters have been on the rise, where in the first half of 2017, there were at least 90 accidents caused my electric bikes as well as PMDs such as E-scooters. This resulted in the LTA enforcing stricter rules and regulations on the use of PMDs, garnering a bad reputation towards PMDs and most importantly the harm we could be posing to our beloved Singaporeans.

So what are some of the safety errors we commonly make?

1) Reckless Riding on Roads

The first common safety error carried out by E-scooter users are, taking their rides onto the roads.  It has been established by LTA that E-scooters are prohibited on the roads, as they pose a threat to not only the users of the E-scooter, but also poses as a hazard to vehicles on the road.


On 22 September 2016, a video featuring a man dangerously cutting off a public bus with his E-scooter in Mandai was filmed and posted on Stomp.

The video filmed how the man who was equipped with a helmet and gloves, hugging the kerb before matching up to an SMRT bus along Mandai Road.

The rider then proceeded to cut across the lane in order to enter the middle lane, he then continued to overtake the bus and swung back out to the kerb.

This reckless action of this irresponsible rider was extremely dangerous for him, where there could be a risk of him being hit by a vehicle. Moreover he posed as a hazard to the surrounding vehicles, as the rest of the vehicles had to slow down for him.

2) Speeding/Failing to give way to pedestrians on public paths

The second safety error committed by E-scooter users, is speeding along public paths, where riders would go above the implemented speed limits of 15 km/h and 25 km/h respectively. Moreover, certain riders fail to give way to pedestrians. These dangerous actions of theirs could potentially result in an accident involving them and pedestrians. There could also be a possibility that while speeding, they may lose control of their E-scooter and thus result in an accident.


Due to the reckless riding of a young 17 year old E-scooter rider, it resulted in an unfortunate accident, which resulted in the victim of the accident having to undergo two brain operations at Changi General Hospital.

This unfortunate incident could have been prevented, if we as E-scooter riders are more aware of our surroundings and more conscious of our actions, where by riding safely, we would not be deemed as a threat to pedestrians.


3) Being mindful of our E-scooter’s battery

The third safety error that we as E-scooter users have to take note of is our E-scooter’s battery. In 2017, there were at least 34 cases of fires involving PMDs, which usually result from the overcharging of PMD batteries, particularly charging overnight and placing the battery close to combustible materials while charging.

We as E-scooter patrons also have to be mindful about the chargers and devices we purchase. Where we should always check the safety features and select devices that have a cut-off function when fully charged. Riders should ensure that the adaptors of their PMDs are registered and affixed with the “Safety Mark”


On 22 September 2017, a HDB flat in Woodlands was engulfed in flames. The culprit was due to an E-scooter battery exploding, due to it being overcharged.

When the fire was eventually put out, the house was in ruins, where all the furniture were damaged and the walls and ceiling were stained black.

Let’s Play Our Part for our E-scooter Community

Now that we are aware of some of the mistakes that we are making, let’s be conscious of our actions and be responsible riders. By riding safely and be respectful of the law and towards the pedestrians, we can be the change and promote a positive image of our E-scooter community.


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