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Short story:

Love at first sight

“What a beauty!”, I thought as I was ogling at the Electric scooter which I found underneath my block. I turned away from it and decided to be on my way, but every step I took, I found myself getting closer and closer to it. Thoughts started racing through my head, my heart started pumping and I couldn’t contain my excitement at the very thought that this machine could be mine and I could get it for free. I started to run my hands through it, admiring the accessories that were equipped on it. All of a sudden, my heart felt heavy, as I saw the chains that were binding this beauty, and that’s when it hit me, I had to Free it!, I had to be it’s knight in shining armor and save it from the hands of this wretched locks and chains.

Arming for battle

I quickly made my way to the nearest hardware shop, gearing myself up for the battle that was to come, smiling at the very thought of freeing it. After gathering all the necessary equipment, I went back to tackle the challenge. I felt a gush of adrenaline as I rushed to pry upon the locks while constantly keeping a look out for people. My heart was racing as I used my wits and brawns to make my way around the chains and locks that bound my treasure.


Finally, it is done, with a smile of triumph, I gleefully wheeled my prize away. What a find it was and to top it off, I got it for free…where would my next treasure be…?


A 37 year old man was arrested at Block 160 Jalan Teck Whye on Nov 7 2017, as a result of his suspected involvement in a series of theft of bicycles and electric scooters.

Several reports were received by the police between October and November 2017, in regards to several bicycles and electric scooters being stolen from multiple bicycle bays at Bukit Batok, Teck Whye Lane, Keat Hong Close and Choa Chu Kang public housing estates.

After extensive investigations by officers from Jurong Police Division and with the assistance of footages from police cameras, it allowed the subsequent arrest of the man, where two electric scooters and a bicycle were among some of the items seized by the police.


E-scooting Lesson of the Day:

No matter where you place your E-scooter, it would definitely catch the attention of people, and these people could potentially be eyeing your scooter. We should be aware that a professional thief is able to steal many PMDs at one go and hence we should be wary where we place our PMDS and how we secure them.

Possible Prevention Methods:

In order to prevent such incidents from happening near public housing estates, people should refrain from parking their E-scooters underneath HDB blocks or at bicycle bays, and they should choose to park it within their houses, should they live around the area. However if they do choose to do so,  owners should invest in sturdy locks ensuring every detachable part is also secured.

Our Solution:

Easy Zippy is coming up with an Escooting parking solution very soon! To be the first to be informed and to use our solutions, please leave your contact in the box below.

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