(E-scooter from E-scooter sharing service stolen in Singapore!)

On Sunday, July 9 2017, the E-scooter sharing service company filed a report stating that their scooters had been stolen.

Thankfully, due to the scooters being equipped with the company’s in-house technology, it allowed them to locate their missing scooters and provided strong evidences to allow them to lodge a police report, where at least one thief was arrested by the police.


E-scooting Lesson of the Day:

Even E-scooter sharing services companies are not spared from the devious actions of thieves, what more about yours? So do ensure that your E-scooter is properly and well secured before leaving it unattended.

Our Solution:

Easy Zippy is coming up with an E-scooting parking solution very soon! To be the first to be informed and to use our solutions, please leave your contact in the box below

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